From the daughter of a gay dad...

This letter was written by my daughter Aurelia in response
to the ongoing debate over gay men and lesbians adopting and parenting children.
"Since the moment I was born, my father and I have had a special father daughter relationship that only fathers and daughters could understand. I am definitely what you would call a daddy's girl. He was always the one who was there for me growing up and I knew that I could talk to him about anything that was on my mind. The other day my husband and I were talking about my father being gay and how that has affected my life. Looking back I have nothing but fond memories of my daddy. Nothing unusual... In fact, when he told me that he was entering into a relationship with a man for the first time, I was more happy than anything that he had finally found someone to be with and make him happy.

Regardless of who my father chooses to be intimate with, one thing stands true; He is still my father. Nothing about his sexuality influences my life, nor should it. Just as a heterosexual parent raises their kids with morals, love and certain values, my homosexual father raised me with a strong set of values that included respect for all walks of people, regardless of their differences.

For many years, my dad was in a relationship with a man who raised me as his own daughter. During this time my mother was also remarried to a Mormon man with "good moral and family values." When I was with my two dads I felt more loved and cared for then I ever did when I was in my stepfather's home. Not once was I hugged or praised by my step dad for accomplishing a goal or just being good. In fact, most of the time he wouldn't even look at me. He spent most of his time on the couch in front of the T.V. waiting for my mom to cook dinner.

When I was with my dad and his partner I was constantly showered with love and affection. I could talk to them about boys that I liked at the time, serious questions that I was having, or just goof around about nothing at all. They taught me more about love and how to treat other people with respect that my stepfather ever did. I was closer to my dad's partner than I was to most people, and when he died, I lost a dad.

Never once, in all of my years of being around homosexual men and women, have I ever been touched, talked to or looked at in a wrong way. I've never felt anything but love and acceptance from the gay community and I continue to support gay couples adopting children. I believe it's an old African saying that says it takes a community to raise a child. The last time I checked, the word community didn't exclude anyone due to sexual preference."

Aurelia Clark Wann

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