BYU & Broken Hearts
Tom Clark talks about his journey through the Mormon heart of darkness.
Missions, Mothers & Marriage
Tom Clark continues his journey up through and out of Mormonism.
Gay Men & Mormonism
Nude Sketch - Michelangelo
Did She Know?
When gay men marry women.
by Tom Clark
The Story of Stuart Matis 
From Newsweek magazine about 
the suicide of a young gay Mormon.
Exactly Like Me?
What do Hassidic Jews, hunters 
and boxing fans have in common?
The Problem With Evergreen
Turning Parakeets Into Pandas:
The "Magic" of Reparative Therapy
Betrayal & Redemption
Edward Lars Nielsen recounts his story of abuse from within the church system.
No Longer Afraid
A powerful and inspiring story from Rob Killian, MD
I Love You Too Momma
Reflections on the death of Sudie Floss Rose, Tom Clark's other mom.
Sitting At The Table Of Privelage
Thoughts about my daughter Auri and the struggle for gay rights in America.
Gay Men And Women
Portraits and profiles of gay men and lesbians on the world stage.
Joachim Westermann
From Germany comes this heartfelt story of an ongoing search for answers.
Stumbling Towards Zion
From writer and historian 
Connell O'Donovan.
Losing My Religion
Often humorous, always insightful.
Connell O'Donovan
Sideon ponders the meaning of all those messages from his childhood.
  Oh what a tangled web we weave...

In 1974 a Mormon missionary finds his world turned upside down when he falls in love with a handsome Italian Communist. With original 8mm film and fierce storytelling, Tom Clark recounts a love story set against the backdrop of coastal Italy wrought with faith, identity, cigarettes, and Thorazine.